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Church Plant Offering

Church Plant Offering

April 29th
Vine Church

Our Mission

Part of our mission is to plant local churches in university cities. Over the years, Jesus has enabled us to joyfully give and say goodbye to people we love. We're excited to be sending a team to San Marcos, home of Texas State University, this summer.

Our Response

While some have made radical life changes to be a part of the plant team, we all get to play a vital role in this mission.


Please join us in praying for Rock River Church and the city of San Marcos.
• Pray for smooth transitions, such as selling homes, securing jobs, and getting into the university.
• Pray for spiritual protection as they sacrifice to see God's kingdom grow.
• Pray that they would be effective at inviting new people and for many to be saved.
• Pray for effectiveness in reaching people of all races and ethnicities in San Marcos as well as reaching college students.


Please be praying about what God might be asking you to give and for the ability to sacrifice with faith and joy.