Sunday Services: 9am, 11am

Meet Our Staff

  • Casey and Celia Raymer


    -Lead Pastor

    Casey Raymer is originally from Du Quoin. As the Lead Pastor, he is responsible for teaching, long-term vision and planning for Vine Church and future church plants, overseeing other pastors, and leadership development. He and his wife Celia have two children, Theodore and Annabelle.

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  • Greg and Jennifer Darling



    -Thursday Discipleship Community

    -Small Groups

    Greg Darling oversees our Small Group and Discipleship Community structure as well as leads a Thursday Discipleship Community. His other responsibilities include overseeing staff members and serving on our Board. He and his wife Jennifer have been married since 1987 and have 4 kids: Joshua, Anna, Caleb, and Nathanael.

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  • Michael and Casheena Stephens



    -Wednesday Discipleship Community

    Mike Stephens, originally from Chicago, oversees a Wednesday night Discipleship Community. Other responsibilities include teaching at weekend services periodically. He and his wife Casheena have four kids: Michael, Jalen, Gabriel, and Jasmine.

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  • Josh and Brittney Franklin



    -Youth Leader

    Josh Franklin oversees our Youth programs for middle school and high school students. He and his wife Brittney have three children: Noah, Tyler, and Natalie. Formerly working in the public school system for ten years, Josh was a social science teacher and coached boys basketball and a state-champion girls softball team.

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  • Noble and Lynnette Staley



    -Wednesday Discipleship Community

    -Tuesday Discipleship Community

    Noble Staley oversees a Tuesday and Wednesday night Discipleship Community, as well as the hospitality team, and international events. Noble has a passion for other cultures and languages. He and his wife Lynette have four children: Emma, Kate, Anna, and Luke.

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  • Peter Waring


    -Thursday Discipleship Community


    Peter Waring oversees our weekend Hospitality and Offering teams, and helps teach our middle school students at weekend services. He also oversees a Thursday night Discipleship Community.

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  • Michael and Kathy Staff


    -Thursday Discipleship Community


    Mike Staff oversees a Thursday night Discipleship Community. When he is not serving the church, Mike works as a physician assistant. Mike and his wife Kathy, who have been married since 1977, spend much of their spare time trying to keep up with their seven grandchildren.

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  • Stephen and Betsy Putbrese



    -Tuesday Discipleship Community

    Stephen Putbrese oversees a Tuesday night Discipleship Community and helps share other teaching responsibilities at Vine. He also helps with various administrative tasks throughout the week. Stephen and his wife Betsy have been married since 2016.

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  • Brent and Jacy Woosley



    -Wednesday Discipleship Community

    Brent Woosley is originally from Murphysboro. He oversees a Wednesday night Discipleship Community and helps share other teaching responsibilities at Vine. Brent and his wife Jacy have two children, Lane and Maylie.

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  • Michael and Michelle Petrik


    -Worship Leader

    Michael Petrik is our Worship Leader. In addition to leading the church in worship and leading the band musically, he also invests in developing those with musical abilities so they can use their gifts in the church. He and his wife, Michelle, have three children: Isaiah, Hanna, and Thea.

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  • Chin-Jen and Fui-Yee Phoebe Wang


    -Communications Specialist - IT

    Chin-Jen Wang is originally from Taiwan. Chin is our Communications and IT Specialist and also helps with the international ministry. Chin and his wife Phoebe have a son, Samuel.

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  • Connie and Michael Gregory


    -Book Keeper

    Connie Gregory is our Bookkeeper. Connie holds things together financially.

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  • Terry and Wayne Kessinger


    -Office Manager

    Terry Kessinger is our Office Manager and oversees our women’s ministry and the bookstore. She and her husband Wayne have been married since 1981 and have two kids, Alanna and Adam.

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  • Michel Andre


    -Serving Coordinator

    Michel Andre is our Serving Coordinator. He currently oversees our weekend Refreshments and Coffee teams and Parking Lot hospitality team, and helps teach our middle school students at weekend services.

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  • Drew Moore


    -Serving Coordinator

    Drew oversees our set up, tear down, and cleaning teams and maintains our facility. He also leads a small group and serves at Revolution.

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  • Stacy Smith


    -Kids Program Director

    Stacy is our Kids Program Director, for which responsibilities include overseeing the weekend services, curriculum development, special events, and childcare. Responsibilities for this also include overseeing leadership training and development, kid’s program events, as well as recruiting volunteers.

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  • Mikaela Montgomery


    -Graphic Designer

    Mikaela is our Graphic Designer. Her main responsibilities include event marketing, branding, website maintenance, and social media.

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